Bright Futures!

Get set for summer with Bright Futures, Enterprise’s one day business boot-camp designed to help you develop enterprising skills for employment or self-employment.... The day’s activities include games, simulations, and presentations from inspiring entrepreneurs – we’ll make sure you have all the resources you’ll need to kick-off your entrepreneurial venture during the summer! Event Information: Why attend: Bright Futures will help you to gain confidence in facing…Read more

Join the committee!

Kingston Entrepreneurs Society is run by a core team of highly dedicated and committed students. Our team doesn’t just sit back, we get our hands stuck into creating and executing fantastic events, which translated into us wining Society of the year 2014. Joining us could help complete a Kingston Award, Boost your CV and help you get more involved in the…Read more

UPGRADE – Social media masterclass

Everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask... We welcome Lincoln Coutts – expert in social media, networking and relationship building – to share his knowledge, tips and advice in the next of this year's Upgrade masterclasses. Event Information: Why attend: Lincoln has trained over 7,000 people to get the most from social media: for personal use as…Read more

Bright Ideas Competition

'Hundreds applied but only ten can win! It's time... to face... the judges!' In the climax to our annual Bright Ideas competition, finalists will pitch their ideas to a panel of expert judges for the chance to win up to £1000! What's going on? We’ve organised the final to allow for the winners to be chosen on the day by our…Read more

Trigger KU – Start-up Weekend

The only weekend that will make your brain hurt more than a hangover! Trigger KU is a 50 hour start-up weekend which will bring together up to 100 students from Kingston University to work on or create excellent ideas for products, services or campaigns. Everybody is welcome to attend this event we are especially looking for students with specific skills to contribute (marketing,…Read more

Kingston young entrepreneurs club launch

  Kingston Young Entrepreneurs Club Launch Join us for the launch of the first Young Entrepreneurs Club for Kingston Founded by an enthusiastic group of partners who are passionate about fostering young entrepreneurship the club is aimed at anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 who is either aspiring to or running their own business in the Kingston area. The…Read more

Kingston Nest – The incubator journey starts here

Kingston University - Start-up hub About the Kingston Nest With capacity to host up to 25 student businesses, the Kingston Nest will be FREE and open to all Kingston University students and alumni trying to start or already running a start-up business. Located in room 321 on the third floor of Kingston Business School, Kingston Nest will provide an office environment…Read more

Seven best apps of 2014 for students

You're a Kingston University student! As a Kingston Entrepreneurs member you are first and foremost a Kingston University student; so we thought it would be a brilliant idea to put together a selection of our favourite apps which have helped us whilst at university! From taking efficient notes to using your student discount we've covered our favourite seven apps from this…Read more

We are a top 100 entrepreneurial blog!

Good entrepreneurial news about our blog! We were recently approached by a New York Times contributor about being part of an infographic about entrepreneurship, we happily agreed and didn't hear much more. However today we received an email from Jerry Cox, the contributor in question, telling us that we'd been included in the top 100 entrepreneurial blogs; We ranked 92nd in…Read more

LeadNow! – Leadership Training

Looking to enhance your leadership journey? Lead Now! training teaches; emotional intelligence, coaching and conflict resolution – mindfulness, flow and the neurophysiology of leadership as well as psychology of followership – all essential leadership skills! This two day intensive course is one of our flagship events for 2014! Why attend: LeadNow! is an intensive three day program which we've squished into…Read more

15 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

There are a great number of common characteristics shared by successful businesspeople; Do you have the traits to start your own business? Read on to see what we think are the best traits for a successful entrepreneur. If you don't have all of them then don't worry, many of these skills can be trained and with practice you can develop your…Read more

UPGRADE: Courage to stop the challenge

Courage to stop the challenge presented by Kish Modasia Why attend: Leadership and Executive Coach Kish Modasia will present Courage to stop the challenge; this workshop will provide some practical steps to help you succeed in a leadership role – from leading a team of people to simply leading your life. Her interactive session will explore techniques that will allow small…Read more

Business Plan Workshop

Brook Kingston Lodge hosts the Business Plan Workshop If you don't know your profit and loss from your margin of safety, or if all that sounded like gibberish. This is the event for you! We're going to be taking an in-depth look into business plans and how you can make one. The only person who doesn't need a business plan is…Read more

Emerge Conference – The emergence of Social Entrepreneurship

A few weeks ago I (Dennis B. Aguma), my vice-president (Ben Lalloz) as well as Dimi Dimitrova, a second year Business Management student were fortunate enough to be sponsored by Kingston Business School to attend the annual Emerge Conference, at Oxford University’s Said Business School. About Emerge Over 350 student entrepreneurs and young professionals, as well as an array of some…Read more

What is SEO? Why should you care?

SEO is one of the most misconceived terms in marketing; most new businesses do not understand SEO or do not realise that it exists, but it can make or break a web presence. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what increases the chances of your website being found by a search engine, in plain terms it is making the website easy for…Read more

Personal Branding – The Power of One

Last week, Kingston Entrepreneurs Society in conjunction with the Alumni Department and Kingston Business School, had the pleasure of hosting Malcolm Levene, a Personal Branding coach for 20 years. Malcom, teaches people how they can significantly improve their business skills, their life-skills, and their businesses by developing their very own Personal Brand. His private clients have included Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell,…Read more

A summary with James Caan

Kingston Entrepreneurs' reports on "An audience with James Caan" The James Caan Journey The Jacqueline Wilson hall at Kingston University was packed, a capacity 300 students had turned out to hear James Caan; with the lucky few winning the opportunity to ask James questions. The evening began with an address from the KUTalent team and a short introductory video giving an…Read more

Bright Futures at Kingston University

Bright Futures comes to Kingston University Why attend: Interested in starting a freelance career, developing your own business or improving your professional skills? Bright Futures gives you the tools to succeed! Bright Futures is aimed at students from all faculties and all levels, both full time and part time – and you don’t need to have any business knowledge or experience!…Read more

UPGRADE: The Power of One

The Power Of One presented by Malcolm Levene Why attend: Malcolm Levene teaches business people how they can significantly improve their business skills and their businesses by personally developing themselves. Prior to being a full time coach Malcolm was known as a personal style and image expert. His clients included Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, Michael Marks CBE, Robert Walters (CEO of…Read more

Welcome Event 2014

"Welcome Back" Event What's going on? Kingston Entrepreneurs has a year packed with engaging events and useful skills sessions, we'd love to tell you about them, this event is a great chance to network with students from across Kingston University whilst also giving you crucial information for the following year. Our 2014 president has identified new core pillars to focus on;…Read more

Bright Futures at Brunel University

Attend a one day workshop to practise and develop enterprise skills Bright Futures is a free one day programme is designed to help you develop enterprising skills. It features entrepreneurs, inspiring speakers, games and simulations. It’s a great opportunity for ambitious students wanting to get ahead to develop skills like networking, communication, negotiation and pitching an idea. Network with people from all courses…Read more

Join Our 2014 Committee

Kingston Entrepreneurs Society is run by a core team of highly dedicated and committed students. Our team doesn’t just sit back, we get our hands stuck into creating and executing fantastic events, which, in last year’s case, translated into us wining Society of the year 2014. Joining us could help complete a Kingston Award, Boost your CV and help you get…Read more

Personal Branding with Andre Campbell

Upgrade 2013 - Personal Branding The second of our upgrade masterclasses brought together Kingston University Alumni Association, Kingston Entrepreneurship Society and Kingston Business School, which together have been presenting a collaborative series of events aimed at Students and Alumni to explore, develop and ‘upgrade’ themselves. Most recently we’ve had Andre Cambell, who came in for a personal branding session. Andre is…Read more

From the Trenches – Entrepreneur panel Q&A

That’s exactly what our panel of Entrepreneurs for this event have in fact done! The panel was chaired by David Knull, a Kingston graduate, Entrepreneur, Director and Consultant. Our Q&A panel consisted of: Rashid 'Rush' Somauroo founder of Property Flock, a real time property search which sets aim to revolutionise the way we search for UK property online! Fiona Quinn, a woman with…Read more